Craft Beer Selected:  El Squatcho-Peño

We chose El Squatcho-Peño from Infusion Brewery for the beer cheese bites. It’s a new twist on their classic Mexican lager, brewed with jalapeños it was created specifically for this competition.

Featured Recipe: Beer Bites

First, we prepared the Craft Beer Cheese sauce following the included instructions. Then we poured the sauce into ice cube molds and froze them. We cut the ice cubes in half, rolled the cubes in cornstarch, dipped them into egg wash, and rolled in panko seasoned with salt and pepper. If they are not being served immediately, par cook at 350 for 20 seconds and put the bites back in the freezer. When ready to serve, fry at 350 for 3-4 minutes. We served the beer bites with a scratch-made, roasted elote aioli dipping sauce garnished with ancho seasoning.

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